PhD Founder Track 

PhD Founder Track 

It took an entrepreneur to reimagine the mundane links for the World Wide Web as an object of beauty — and then to make billions off that vision. 

The entrepreneur was Larry Page, then a PhD student at Stanford, who had that “Backrub” epiphany after years of computing. Page embodied his idea in a new company, Google, which he started with PhD student Sergey Brin, also Page’s first tour guide at Stanford.

Even from the start, Page and Brin juggled school and startup. They met top venture capitalists and pitched ideas. From a dorm room, they built an empire. 

You can be the next Google founder, and we at Dorm Room Fund can help. 

Announcing our first PhD Founder Track over summer 2021. We plan to accept 20 people who meet top venture capitalists and startup founders, including folks like Dr. Mar Hersheson, founding partner at Pear, and Dr. George John, a previous partner at Khosla Ventures. 

With guest speakers every Tuesday evening and a participant share-out every Thursday evening, we keep this project a low time commitment with a high reward.

Qualifications: Current PhD student with pre-seed startup idea.

Benefits: World class speakers, free dinners once a week, and PhD founder peers. Free to participate. Apply here by 11:59 p.m. PT on June 21.  

Logistics: Program runs from 8:30-9:30 ET June 29 to Aug. 31 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Email with questions.

Like you, we study as PhD candidates. We research large scale impact. We tirelessly work to launch our startups and believe that you can, too.

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