Unlocking opportunity: explore Dorm Room Fund’s summer track programs

Dorm Room Fund is thrilled to launch our annual Summer Track programs, specifically designed for students historically underrepresented in startups and venture capital. Applications are open now. These nights and weekends programs are designed to supplement full-time jobs and internships and serve to do our favorite thing: help students learn venture & startups from the best.  They’re also a great way to get a taste of the DRF Fam—last year 20% of our new partnership class participated in a DRF Summer Track prior to applying. Let’s dive in! 

What are DRF Summer Tracks?

At the heart of our Summer Track programming are three foundational pillars designed to help participants accelerate their growth and broaden their networks within the venture ecosystem:

  • Weekly Speaker Series: Engage with some of the leading voices in venture capital and entrepreneurship. Our past series have featured partners from First Round Capital and Sequoia, Sam Altman of OpenAI, and tons of other incredible builders and investors who will give unfiltered, closed-door advice.
  • One-to-One Mentor Match: Pair up with an experienced mentor who can share their lived experiences and answer your questions 1on1.
  • A Cohort-Based Experience: Join a group of like-minded, ambitious students who remain a part of the fam well beyond the summer. You’ll get to know your fellow trackmates and the larger DRF squad.

This year, we’re excited to offer an array of tracks tailored to specific groups:

  • Women’s Investor Track (WIT): A 6-week investor training program for students who identify as women.
  • Women’s Founder Track (WFT): An 8-week curriculum for builders who identify as women. 
  • Blueprint Investor Track (BIT): Also spanning 6 weeks, this investor track is crafted for students who identify as Black, Latine, or Indigenous.
  • PRISM: A 6-week journey into investment for students who identify as LGBTQIA+.
  • PhD Track: Specifically designed for PhD students who are building that want a leg up with commercialization. 

Why should I apply?

  • Access to Industry Leaders: Direct interaction with top-tier investors and builds to learn the ropes of investment from the best. 
  • Understand the building blocks of venture and startups: Learn the fundamentals and join a community of like-minded students—this is a relationship game, after all! 
  • Learn more about DRF! Considering applying for the partnership? Summer Tracks are a great way to get a sense of DRF community and to network with current investment partners. 

Apply now—we review on a rolling basis, so the earlier the better! 

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