Adding books to your holiday reading list

We call tell you about the hottest industry trends on the market, along with books that make excellent gifts. In the mood for scaling a startup? We’ve got recommendations for those – and for enthusiasts who prefer to be swept up by tips for customer research.

Maybe you want engrossing stories to read while hanging out with family members. For the book lovers among you, the Dorm Room Fund community lists five books about startups and venture capital that help you grow as an entrepreneur.

Demand-Side Sales 101: Stop Selling and Help Your Customers Make Progress

By Bob Moesta

Learn about customer-centric product iteration and a “jobs-to-be-done” framework that helps you map out customer interviews.

Competing Against Luck

By Clayton M. Christensen

Catch anecdotes about identifying customer needs.

The Dream Machine: J.C.R. Licklider and the Revolution That Made Computing Personal

By M. Mitchell Waldrop

Learn about the early days of computing and the internet.

Genentech: The Beginnings of Biotech

By Sally Smith Hughes

Read a definitive history of Genentech, a biotechnology company dedicated to finding solutions for life-threatening diseases.

Dealers of Lightning: Xerox PARC and the Dawn of the Computer Age

By Michael A. Hiltzik

Best history of Palo Alto Research Center, formerly Xerox PARC.

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