How to Apply for DRF’s Investment Partnership: Your Journey to Shaping the Future

Dorm Room Fund is back to school right in time to kick off our student investment partner search! DRF student investment partners graduate to become VCs, founders, and operators at the best companies in the world – and we’re looking for you!

Still curious? Let us introduce ourselves.

What is DRF?

At Dorm Room Fund (DRF), we’re not just any student venture fund; we’re the OG. Dreamed up in 2012 by Josh Kopelman—the founder of First Round Capital, a renowned Midas list winner, and our dear Godfather—DRF was born out of the belief that students can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of tech startups. Despite the fact that over $3 trillion worth of companies have been started on college campuses, there was a significant (DRF shaped ;)) gap in early-stage investment. 11 years later, we’re not the only ones on campus, but we are the biggest and baddest community of builders and investors out there.

Our Mission and Approach

DRF specializes in making preseed investments in exchange for equity in student-founded tech startups. We put students (you!) at the forefront of investment decisions. Our student investment teams identify, vet, and ultimately decide whether or not to back companies and founders. They are check writers – a role it can take years of work in a traditional fund to snag.

But DRF is not just about investments; it’s a vibrant community. Our network spanning 400+ alumni have gone on to be founders, tech company operators, and partners at VC funds like a16z, Sequoia, and Bessemer. And once you’re DRF, you’re DRF for life: alumni hire, invest in, found companies with, and continue to provide guidance to members of this community long after they graduate. We even have a DRF wedding in the books! <3

Why Join Dorm Room Fund?

Real Responsibilities, Real Decisions: At Dorm Room Fund, we believe in the power of students to make significant investment decisions. DRF is the first and only program to give students 100% of the decision making power.

Meet World-Class Peers: You’ll be surrounded by brilliant and diverse peers who are as curious, confident, and driven as you are. These relationships will expand your horizons far beyond your university bubble.

Our Network Becomes Yours: Our extensive community of alumni, founders, and investors is a global powerhouse. As an Investment Partner, you’ll work closely with leading experts, gaining insights into emerging markets, products, and technologies. This network becomes your lifelong asset.

Startup Experience: We run Dorm Room Fund as our own startup. This means you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with innovative ways to support our community, enhance our operations, and contribute to our success.

Be with the Best: Our track record speaks for itself. DRF alumni are making waves in the startup and venture capital world. You’ll receive a best-in-class education, a powerful network, and a supportive community to propel your career forward.

How to Apply

Applications to join Dorm Room Fund’s student partnership are now open (but not for long!)

Eligibility: Students from all over the US are welcome to apply.
Application Deadlines:
SF & West Coast: October 13, 2023 (11:59 PM PT)
All others: September 29, 2023 (11:59 PM ET)

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